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The $400 Million Tennis Player

Roger Federer Square

Roger Federer, the world’s greatest tennis player ever, won his 19th major grand slam this past weekend including his 8th Wimbledon title and breaking all kinds of records. As a tennis aficionado and all things Federer, I know this is an extraordinary era for tennis. No other player in history has achieved what Federer has done during his career and at his age. At almost 36 years old, Federer is considered a dinosaur on the pro tennis circuit, but he continues to dominate on and off the court.

According to Forbes, Federer is the 4th highest paid athlete in 2017. His total career on-court earnings of over $70 million is dwarfed by his multi-million dollar high caliber endorsements from such companies as Nike, Wilson, Mercedes Benz, Rolex, NetJets, and many more. Tennis winnings and endorsements combined, Federer’s net worth is estimated to be more than $400 million.

If you are a tennis player, there is nothing more special than watching Federer perform on the court. His matches start off slow with the occasional unforced error, but once Federer is in full flight, he’s unstoppable. His strokes and footwork look so effortless and fluid, it’s as if he’s not exerting any energy at all. While other players are running all over the court sweating, panting, and injuring themselves, Roger is barely breaking a sweat as he carefully orchestrates each winning point. In fact, just Google the term “Swiss Maestro” and the number one search result is Roger Federer.

Not only is Roger Federer an outstanding tennis player, but he is also the quintessential role model for any sport. Regardless of the match outcome, he’s always extremely complimentary of his opponents, is courteous, and he never loses his cool by screaming or breaking his racket. Whether or not he’s actually nice in real life is unknown to me, but I admire what he represents to young kids looking up to him. Conversely, I remember watching John McEnroe as a kid thinking this guy has a bad attitude and is disrespectful to everyone.

This post has nothing to do with finance, accounting, or investing. I just wanted to share my deep appreciation for tennis and the Swiss Maestro. I had the privilege of watching Roger Federer play at Indian Wells, in Palm Springs, California in 2015 with my youngest son. I don’t know when Federer will retire from tennis, but I’m certainly glad I was able to watch him at his prime.  

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