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Financial Literacy Month: 30 Tips In 30 Days

April is Financial Literacy Month, and in observance, we shared 30 tips in 30 days to keep you financially healthy. Read the full list below.

Financial Literacy Month

Tip 1: 2016 is not over. Contribute to your Roth, Traditional, or SEP IRAs.

Tip 2: Install and use Quicken, Mint.com, Quickbooks, or some other income/expense tracking software.

Tip 3: Got a big tax refund? Adjust your W-4 to reduce your payroll deductions.

Tip 4: Maximize your 401k, 457b, or 403b.

Tip 5: Pay off your credit cards each month.

Tip 6: Setup and contribute to a Roth IRA.

Tip 7: Track your expenses to see where you spend money.

Tip 8: Put your savings on auto-pilot by diverting a portion of each paycheck into a savings account.

Tip 9: Brew your coffee at home.

Tip 10: Ditch credit cards with an annual fee.

Tip 11: Increase your insurance deductible to reduce your monthly premiums.

Tip 12: Round up your Mortgage payment to the next dollar to shorten the life of your loan.

Tip 13: Balance your checkbook to avoid overdraft fees.

Tip 14: Pack your lunch.

Tip 15: Avoid ATM fees by staying in your banking network.

Tip 16: Drive slower to save on gas.

Tip 17: Make a plan to aggressively pay down your credit card debt.

Tip 18: Dining adds up. Eat one less meal out a month.

Tip 19: Turn off unused lights in your house to lower your electric bill.

Tip 20: Take fewer trips to the dry cleaner.

Tip 21: Walk to the market to save gas.

Tip 22: Reduce your taxes by donating old clothes and unused items.

Tip 23: Lower your thermostat to lower your gas bill.

Tip 24: Take the bus or train to work.

Tip 25: Buy generic.

Tip 26: Drink less alcohol.

Tip 27: Install low-flow toilets and showers in your home.

Tip 28: Unplug your unused electronics as they continue to use energy even when not in use.

Tip 29: Never borrow from your 401k.

Tip 30: Count your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.

Have a question about your finances? Contact ACap Asset Management at info@acapam.com or 818-272-8511.

Ara Oghoorian, CFA, CFP® is the president and founder of ACap Asset Management, Inc., a “Fee-Only” investment management firm located in Los Angeles, CA specializing in helping doctors and physicians make sound financial decisions.