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ACap Asset Management
Protecting Your Financial Health
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Fee-Only Financial Planning and Investment Services
For health care professionals, business owners, and individuals
Get a pulse on your financial position

Medical Professionals

Our clients work at UCLA, USC, Kaiser, Cedars Sinai, Children’s Hospital, or own their own medical groups. Hence, we are very familiar with the benefits packages offered by these institutions and advise our clients on how to maximize their benefits. Some of these employers offer a combination of 403b, 457b, and DCP plans, but we advise you on which account is best suited for you and which investments you should select.

If you are an independent contractor such as many emergency physicians or hospitalizes, you may not be offered an employer 401k plan, but given our expertise in working with such doctors, we are able to offer better alternatives to employer sponsored 401k plans.

Just as you care for the medical health of your patients, at ACap Asset Management, we care for the financial health of our clients. We serve as your personal CFO to make sure your financial portfolio is appropriate for your individual circumstances and goals, and that you and your portfolio receive regular fiscal check ups. We are the central point of contact for all things related to your finances, thereby lifting the need for you to allocate precious time to researching and implementing a plan. We work with you to pay off education loans, save appropriately for the purchase of a home, plan for retirement, allocate funds for your child’s education, and manage your investments.

When you work with ACap, you work with professionals not salespeople. We do not sell any products, nor earn commission on anything we recommend; thus, our advice is truly independent and free of conflicts-of-interest. Through detailed analysis of your financial and non-financial assets, risk tolerance, goals, and many other factors we develop, implement, and monitor a plan tailored for your specific needs (including integrated tax reduction strategies). In addition, we work closely with your other professional advisors: CPAs, attorneys, estate planners, etc. to ensure all financial recommendations are in-line with your overall goals and objectives.

Whether you are a pediatrician, dentist, neurologist, or podiatrist, your patients trust you because you are an expert in your specialized field. As such, ACap’s specialty is in advising physicians – we are their trusted financial experts. While we recognize no two physicians are the same, our medical industry knowledge allows us to provide exceptional service and consultative advice.

You safeguard your patients’ medical health; let ACap safeguard your financial health.

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