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Tag Archives: Personal Finance


Five Realistic Strategies to Help You Save for a Down Payment

By Ara Oghoorian |

Written by Matt Crisafulli, EA, CFP® This is part 1 of a 3-part series on readying yourself to purchase real estate. Despite what you may have heard about the desire for home ownership being on the decline, saving for a down-payment on a home is consistently one of the top short-term goals for our clients…. Read More »

Financial Literacy Month: 30 Tips In 30 Days

By Ara Oghoorian |

April is Financial Literacy Month, and in observance, we shared 30 tips in 30 days to keep you financially healthy. Read the full list below. Tip 1: 2016 is not over. Contribute to your Roth, Traditional, or SEP IRAs. Tip 2: Install and use Quicken, Mint.com, Quickbooks, or some other income/expense tracking software. Tip 3:… Read More »

How A Six-Year-Old Saves For Retirement

By Ara Oghoorian |

In our society of conspicuous consumption and spending-beyond-means, many parents face an uphill battle to encourage children to save for the future, resist instant gratification, and most importantly, understand how to budget and use credit wisely. At a recent dinner party with a group of parents with young children, the conversation turned to this… Read More »

November ACap ReCap

By Ara Oghoorian |

1. How much should I spend on gifts during the holidays?
2. How do I go about setting financial goals for the New Year?
3. What is a stock split?
4. Does a stock split change my cost basis?

Wouldn’t you like a few hundred extra bucks in your pocket?

By Ara Oghoorian |

Have you ever found money in the pocket of an old pair of jeans, or your lab coat, that you had completely forgotten about? It’s always a nice feeling to find “lost” money, but there is a much bigger pocket full of money that you may be overlooking – your state’s unclaimed property list…. Read More »